Tectrol SRL. started life in 1988 and was based in ciudad de Bs. As., Argentina. The business and our reputation was quickly established and at the start of the 1990s we moved to larger, modern office and factory premises in San Martin, Pcia. de Bs. As.We have now approaching 52.000 square feet at our disposal so in offices so in building plant.
We are dedicated to excellence in manufacturing solid waste incineration systems used by the world's leading hospitals, universities and research companies as well as Government departments and private sector contractors.

Using computer aided design, innovative technology and a wealth of practical experience, our incinerators provide an economical solution whilst preserving the highest environmental standards.

Over the life span of our company we have continued to grow, despite an increasingly fierce marketplace. Unlike most of our competitors the company's Mercosur ownership has remained constant throughout which has helped us attract a highly skilled and motivated workforce. We currently employ 26 people and are looking for further expansion in the years ahead.

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